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 naomi's life

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naomi uchiha


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PostSubject: naomi's life   Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:10 am

“Naomi slow down!” neji yelled “Why I need to get faster!” I yelled back at him “Naomi come eat can’t scrape on and empty stomach!” Asuma yelled from the sideline “Coming asuma!” yelled back than ran over sat down and started to eat the rice, sandwich, and the salad the kurenai packed for me. “So, as you know Naomi some people have popped up and were going to put the plans into action tonight.” Asuma said looking at kakashi “That means naomi you have to be faster enough to hit Kisame, hidan, kakazu, and zetsu!” kakashi ordered “Yes kakashi that’s what I have been training for!” I stated “Naomi watch out for itachi he is a fast one he’ll be after you!” Might Guy said as he butted in “I’ll be ready for him this time!” I stated after looking at sasuke “…….” He just sat there staring at me with a stupid smirk! “What naomi stop looking at me like that?” sasuke yelled at me “Bite me uchiha!” I said “Come here and I will Naomi!” Sasuke said reaching for my arm “You do it and I kill you uchiha!” I said smacking him “Ouch baby beat I like it!” he said then went back to cussing naruto “Well that’s nasty.” I said going back to the plans of action “I think it would be easier if I get zetsu out of the way then it will be easier to get hidan and kakazu out of the way singling out kisame!” I added in “But watch out for itachi Naomi!” Sakura added “Sakura I know that itachi’s one of my biggest threats!” I snapped “I’m just worried about five guys that like you Naomi five guys naomi five!” she screamed at me “ I know there is boys that like me sakura that doesn’t matter right now … ok sakura.?” I asked her with care “…..yes….” sakura said in a sheepish voice “Sakura I know you care about me and I care about you too!” I said hugging her gently and letting her hold my tightly. “I just care about you too much naomi sorry?” sakura said “I know you do sakura and it’s not your fault!” I said looking over at shikamaru who was at the time not concerned with too much “Well, that settles that then we’ll act to night!” asuma said “Sounds go to me what about the rest of you guys?” I asked to get just blank looks “What did I do something wrong?” I asked just to get more silence “……”
4 hours later that night
“Naomi be careful itachi not in his tent!” neji said from behind me “I know he isn’t he’s looking for me silly!” I said looking back at the five teams ready for my signal to go “Listen if any of you see itachi before me try to delay him until I’m done with the others ok ?” I asked to get a “Yes, captain!” from the teams “Let’s go people member move fast no mercy, and protect each other!” I said “Tobi, Tobi, Tobi get up where itachi at I can’t find him?” deidara said kicking tobi again “What I don’t know ok now go back to sleep I’m sure he’s not far.” Tobi said then laid back down. “OH…zetsu….come out come out where ever you are!” I said listening intently all around me “Why should I you’re here to kill me ,am I not right?” zetsu said standing inches across from me “Maybe tell me something first …..Where’s itachi and kisame at?” I asked holding a sword to his throat “He’s out walking around I think he said he was going to visit sasuke!” zetsu said “Oh no sasuke and naruto can’t fight him off to protect sakura!” I said dashing past kisame who was following me “Kisame back off you’re not going to stop me!” I said as he speeded up to my pace “I’m not going to I’m going to get itachi.” He said “…..Why?” I asked “he plans on taking sakura because he knows he’ll never get you!” kisame said frowning “No he’s not !” I said running faster than I have ever ran before
5 minutes later
“Itachi ……back…..away…from… now!” I said still trying to catch my breath “Well I knew you would come but I didn’t think you come that quick?” he said backing away from sakura who was hind behind a very possessive sasuke “Now, let’s get down to business my little cherry blossom!” he said getting closer to me knowing I’m now able to do much in the state of needing air “Back ….off…itachi …I’m warning …you !” I said “You know what you have to do Naomi it’s you or beautiful little sakura over there one or the other!” he said whispering in my ear “I know…… so take me… just give me a minute to say goodbye!” I said walking over to sakura and hugging her and then kissing her on the forehead “Bye… I’ll be back some day sakura and it’s not your fault don’t ever think that it’s what I have to do to make sure he don’t come after you ever again!” I said looking at her then to sasuke “Watch over her show her you care I’ll be back sooner than you know it watch over them all for me…..bye guys!” I said walking back to itachi who held his hand out to me “Good chose naomi good chose.” He said happily but I felt like it was the end of the world and to tell them that I would be back knowing I wasn’t going to ever come back broke my heart .
Later that night
So cherry blossom you mad yet?” itachi asked touching my side and pulling towards him “what do you think itachi I’m not happy with this?” I said pushing away just to have him get on top of me “I know you’re not happy and I’m sorry for it but you made your chose!” itachi said as he gently touched the side of my face “You’re sorry?” I said laughing “really now that’s funny I’ve never heard an uchiha say they’re sorry in my whole life?” I said still laughing “Well I guess I can be nasty and abuse you instead would you like that?” itachi said “…….”I just laid there limp “Cherry blossom you know I couldn’t hurt you like that unless you made me mad.” He said leaning down to kiss me but I moved then he got off me “Come here naomi.” He said as he gently grabbed me and pulled me towards him once more “May I at least kiss you on the cheek Naomi?” he asked “I guess itachi you rule over me anyways so why should I get a say in anything?” I asked “Because it’s your body now me trying to screw you is a different matter!” he said kissing me on the cheek then looking at me unsatisfied with the way he was towards me. “Naom…..naomi ….do you hate me …..Right now?” he asked then I rolled over and looked at him like he was crazy “…..Why….not right now but I’m sure I will tomorrow though itachi?” I said cuddling up to him “ I just wanted to know that’s all!” he said laying down beside me holding me close to him not letting there be any space between us.
The next morning
“Get up cherry blossom!” itachi said as he kissed me lightly on the fore head “What itachi?” I asked rubbing my eyes “Time to get up and get in the shower come on cherry blossom get up!” itachi said then walked to the bathroom “Itachi what times is it exactly?” I asked undressing after he left the room “About ten in the morning why cherry blossom?” itachi asked coming in with his eyes closed “I just wanted to know itachi that’s all want me to help you itachi?” I asked “Please help me cherry blossom kind of hard trying not to look and undress at the same time?” itachi said smirking at the thought of me naked “Cover yourself I’m going to open my eyes ok cherry blossom?” itachi asked then opened his eyes carefully “Go head itachi adjust to water please?” I said kindly towards him “Is it too hot or too cold for you cherry blossom?” itachi asked with love in his voice “Just right you get in first itachi ok?” I asked with a dirty smirk on my face “Cherry blossom get that dirty grin off your face young lady!” he said smirking back at me “I hope I don’t make you too horny itachi!” I said jumping in the shower after he got in “Well……Naomi….. You sexy little girl you…..woof!” he said picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist “I know I’m making you horny aren’t I itachi?” I said teasing him by tracing his jaw line “I have to said Cherry blossom you are making me rather horny right now!” he said as he started to nibble on my ear then down to my neck “Well, I hope you don’t have plans to screw …....yet itachi!” I said as he bit me a little harder as he tried to get me to moan “Itachi do you want me really horny?” I asked as he nibbled more before saying “….Yes cherry blossom I do why you horny yet?” itachi asked “Yes…yes I am horny so why don’t you bite a little harder itachi….harder….bite a little harder!” I said as I moaned louder and louder “Your liking this too much!” he said as he smirk and raised me higher and started to nibble on my breast making make all the more hornier. Itachi turned off the shower dried mine and his hair then carried me to bed laid my down on it and got on top of me “Ready for some fun cherry blossom?” he said patiently “No, I’m not itachi!” I said smirking to whole time telling him ‘I know I don’t have a say in it anyways’. He covered us up before kissing me gently on the lips. Then working his way to my neck .Then worked his way to my breast before licking his way up for another sweet kiss. Provided that itachi had started to thrust back and forth making me moan louder! “Should I stop cherry blossom or do you want me to keep going?” itachi asked as he slowed his pace down “I want you to keep going after all you did make me horny so please me!” I said as he picked his pace back up as he rubbed himself harder against me. “Itachi… itachi ….. Itachi a little harder. ” I said making him stop “What cherry blossom?” he asked “I said a little harder please?” I said once more “You’re actually letting me screw you and you like it Naomi?” he asked as I pulled him against me “Yes I actually want you to screw me right now because I’m super horny right now!” I said as he did as I asked. Soon he entered me making me gasp in pleasure “Cherry blossom I have waited for this!” he said thrusting harder and harder making moan louder and louder “I …didn’t… think ….I’d lose it to you itachi ….oh god yes” I said as he used his finger to tease me more. Then, he kissed me and the one thing he never thought I’d do would be to kiss him back “Naomi did you just?” he asked “Yes…Yes I did got a problem with it?” I asked as we both came “No….no I don’t cherry blossom I don’t!” he said kissing me as he pulled out “I wouldn’t mind doing that again itachi …..Kiss me itachi kiss me!” I said pulling him down and kissing his lips sweetly as I got on top of him “Now Naomi nothing dirty!” he said as I kissed him again. Then I felt his hand grab my hips and start to rub them “Itachi did you have fun?” I said rubbing his chest before leaning down to kiss him again “Yeah , did you have fun cherry blossom?” he asked laying down beside him and running his hand up my side till he found my breast and start to massage it gently as he kissed my lips. Soon , before I knew it I was making out with his as he ran his fingers through my brown locks of hair. “Itachi mission!” kisame yelled from behind the bedroom door “Ok be there in a minute he said kissing me once more before “Don’t go too far from sasori or deidara there’s people here that if your alone will try to kill you ok cherry blossom?” he said stealing a couple more kisses “Yes, itachi I promise and when you get back I’m all yours itachi ok?” I asked quickly getting dressed “Yeah baby!” he said kissing me again before taking me to where I was to be with sasori and deidara “Be good no biting naomi!” he said seeing that I was smirking I wasn’t going to be to good “Don’t bite what does he mean I’ll do as I please?” I said looking at the two members in front of me “What?” I said hatefully
Later when itachi returned back in the room
“I told you to be good cherry blossom!” itachi said slowly undressing me then kissing me “ I tried itachi I really did!” I said unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off “I think you need punished for your bad behavior today cherry blossom!” he said smirking as he got on top of me and rubbed himself hard against me making me moan “Please don’t beat me master!” I said as he entered me making my once again gasp in pleasure “Now ,now cherry blossom you have to be spanked!” he said as he kissed me . Soon he started to thrust harder and harder as he sucked of me nipple. As he was doing so I ran my finger through his coal black hair! Then he pulled out then went south for some fun “Itachi …behave ….yourself young man!” I said knowing what he was about to do “Why cherry blossom you like it do you?” he asked as he entered again and started to thrust. Then I let him thrust harder and harder till we finally came ending with a surprise to us both “Itachi …..Oh yes…. Itachi …. Itachi harder!” I screamed out loud “Naomi……did …….you….just….?”Itachi asked scare to know my answer as he pulled out “Yes…I yelled your name itachi got a problem with it?” I asked kissing him on the lips before falling asleep “No, not really… she fell asleep on me!” He said as he kissed me softly and laid down beside me and slept happily beside me
The next morning
“Cherry blossom where are you at babe!” itachi yelled from the hall “What’s wrong itachi who’s cherry blossom?” kabuto asked “Naomi kabuto why have you seen her?” itachi asked getting worried that one of the other guy got ahold of me “Yeah she asked if she could cook breakfast for everyone so she’s in the kitchen cooking calm down itachi she’s fine she’s with deidara!” kabuto said “Ok I’ll be there in a minute kabuto!” itachi said as he entered the kitchen “Cherry blossom you’re in big trouble little miss thing?” itachi said looking at me “By the way you’re looking at me I don’t think you like it do you?” I said questioning my outfit I had a tiny shirt on and a Minnie skirt that had the red and black clouds on it “……” itachi just stood there with a growing problem in his pants! “Itachi say something please it’s upsetting me that you’re not?” I said “itachi!” pein said from across the room “Pein you’re here i…i….i didn’t know?” Itachi said nervously “Yes…am I not allowed to be here…speaking of which why I she here, Uchiha tell me now?” pein asked “…..” itachi just stood there quietly looking down at his feet “Leave him alone you jerk I can’t be here is that the problem?” I said earning a dirty look from itachi “Little miss thing I’d watch your tone of voice with me!” pein said cornering me “Why I’m not afraid of you pein?” I said pushing him back out of my face “Little girl you getting on my nerves and you keep pushing it and see what happens!” he said touching the side of my face “Hands off buddy!” I said slapping his hand away! “Little miss thing you don’t know who I am do you?” he said wrapping his arm around my waist “You really don’t know who …your messing with buddy?” I said pushing him back away from me. “Little girl you’re going to get it if you keep it up!” he said “……Well I’ll probably like it so beat me pein!” I said trying to get him off me as he pushed me up against the wall! “Get off me you pervert!” I screamed noticing itachi just looked away and left the room “itachi help me please ……itachi ……itachi help!” I screamed as he just walked out the door “He knows his place he’s not going to do anything about it are you itachi!” Pein asked looking over to see the room empty “Well that’s not good itachi help!” I screamed but he didn’t come to get the man that had me in a position I couldn’t get out of! “Little girl your coming with me!” pein said grabbing my arm and leaning me to his room “Oh no I’m not going I there the heck with that!” I said straining against him with all my might “It’s useless I will have my way with you Naomi one way or another!” pein said throwing me on the bed and trying to get on top of me but the way I was pushing prevented him from pinning me down “Little girl I’m going to get you my little sweetheart!” he said pinning me to the bed “Get off me itachi help me …….itachi help me please?” I said as he walked into the room and looked away quickly but I could see me felt helpless not being able to get pein off me! “He’s still not going to do anything are you itachi?” pein said looking straight at him “…….” itachi said sheepishly then looked down at his feet “That’s great now get itachi lets see where was I …oh yes I remember?” pein said as he leaned down on top of me pressing harder against me. “Now who’s your daddy my little vixen!” pein said trying to pull my skirt off “Get off me you sick creep….no help ……itachi help please itachi I’ll do anything help!” I screamed just to have pein tearing my skirt off and undoing his pants “Ready my little vixen for your surprise visit for the snake in my pants?” pein said touching the side of my face gently before kissing me! Then he pinned me down and entered me making me scream in protest “Scream baby scream I like you are the most beautiful woman I have yet to screw!” he said thrusting harder and harder “ Itachi help …….!” I said as pein kissed me muffling me then nibbling on my neck then on my breast and pulling out and going south of my border
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naomi's life
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