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 A Forgotten Hero...Villian

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PostSubject: A Forgotten Hero...Villian   Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:54 am

A Forgotten Hero....Villian

Chapter 1: Accidental Tradegy

Naruto Uzumaki is Konoha's savior hero, but one day, something happened to Konoha. The Kyuubi was once again unleashed on the village! But Naruto says he did not do it, did he? Konoha now sees Naruto as a villian! Rated T/M

Naruto is at the training field, far off from the village. It's getting dark and he got tired. He fall asleep by a tree...

Back in Konoha, there were ninjas, villagers, mothers, fathers, children all walking around in the streets of Konohagakure, so peaceful and happy they can be. The ground began to tremble a bit, and roaring was heard in the distance. Most of the people of the village turned to look of what's happening.

Tsunade, whose standing by the window of the Hokage's Office, couldn't believe her eyes. A large red fox with 9 tails attacking the village, coming closer and closer.

"This can't be...what did you do, Naruto?!" Tsunade said to herself.

"Grrrraaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!!" growled the Kyuubi, swung its' tails, many have died, trying to fight the Kyuubi. "Heh heh heh." A low chuckle was heard a little, which it doesn't belong to the Kyuubi's. The kyuubi continued the assault on Konoha, soon died out when dawn was coming near. The leaf Village was out all night, fighting the Kyuubi whom had taken many lives away. Yet, another tragic hits Konoha hard. The kyuubi just disappeared when the sun was hitting the horizons, pushing the night sky out.

"What happened?" a ninja shouted, nobody had seen this coming. Their Konoha's savior hero, Naruto Uzumaki, having the kyuubi to attack his own village, or so many had thought.

A ninja was arguing with Tsunade to do soemthing about Naruto, the ninja suggested to kill him, arrest him, remove him the being a ninja, anything that Naruto would get badly punished. Tsunade just couldn't agree about anything this ninja had said to her. The 2 Hokage's council walked in, they also went against Tsunade.

"Tsunade! Learn your position! Naruto had violated the rules of Konoha by unleashing the Kyuubi and having the kyuubi to attack his own village, us." The old lady said, who is very unhappy about this.

"But we don't know if Naruto really did this-" Tsunade tried to fight back.

"Who else could have the Kyuubi, the kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto. You just have to face the facts, Tsunade. You better take care of Naruto right now or you shall no longer be Hokage, 5th Hokage!" the old man advisor said, narrowing his eyes. Tsunade gets angrier, she disliked this situation, not at all. She knew that Naruto would never do something like this. The two advsiors left with the ninja, leaving Tsunade unanswered on what to do.


"Hey, WAKE UP!" a person shouted, as Naruto felt being kicked. Naruto moaned as he opened his eyes.

"Oh, Hey Shikamaru." Naruto responded, Shikamaru has his angry look on his face, with few people behind Shikamaru. "What's goin-" Naruto suddenly felt a really hard smack in his face, sending him flying.

"You know what's going on, baka!!" Sakura shouted. "And don't play games with us!!"

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Naruto let out an angry scream.

"You know what we are talking about, stop playing games!!" Sakura shouted back, she approached closer to Naruto, ready to clober him again.

"....? What....WHAT?" Naruto said, he is very confused on what's going on.

"You unleashed the Kyuubi and you had the Kyuubi to attack our village." Shikamaru explained. "Remember now?'

"? I was here all night, training." Naruto said, with a stunned look on his face.

"Shut up, you don't need to feed us lies!!" Sakura shouted as she smacked his head.

"How am I lying!!? I would never do anything to my village, Konoha!!" Naruto fought back.

"No. OUR village. It's not your village anymore, Naruto. Or should I say, traitor?" Shikamaru said.

"............................" Naruto didn't respond, he is still lost. Suddenly, he felt hands grabbing him from behind, pulling his arms behind his back and tied his wrists. The one who caught him off gaurd was Kiba, Naruto trembled forward, banging his head on the ground. They didn't say anything more, neither did Naruto. Naruto had many thoughts rushed through his head. Kiba tugged him for him to get up and move. Naruto stood up quietly as told.

They made him to start moving, walking their way to the Hokage Building. Naruto looked behind his shoulder, only to see Sakura beginning to cry as she walked to the opposite direction they are taking. He is now filled up with burning anger, confusion, and sadness. He slowly closed his eyes and turned his head back on the trail they are walking, opening his eyes again.....seeing the village to be heavily destroyed. 'So it really did happen....did the Kyuubi managed to escape and attacked it? But....I would have been dead....'


As Naruto and the others walk in the Hokage Office, Kakashi and Yamato was talking with Tsunade.

"Kakashi-Sensei! Captain Yamato!" Naruto blurted as soon as he saw them. Both of them turned to see Naruto all tied and chained up. Kakashi doesn't seem to look angry or sad...just the same old Kakashi with a sleepy eye, either is Yamato. Kakashi and Yamato just leaves the room at once, not another word. Naruto felt bits of untrusted, betrayal, unfaithful coming towards him at this moment.

"Uzumaki Naruto. I hereby announce of putting you in prison and will soon come of your sentence." 5th Hokage; Tsunade spoke in a serious voice. Somehow for naruto, he knew something isn't quite right.....

"What?! You're saying that I did this....?" Naruto said, making an argument.

"Enough! A decision is a decision! ANBU! Jail him up in the prison." Tsunade ordered.

"Yes ma'am! Immediately ma'am!" Four ANBU gaurds said in unison, proofed in a puff of smoke along with Naruto with them. The rest leaves the office.

Tsunade watched them leave, lowering her eyelids. She laid her eyes on her desk, reading reports of last night. 'Something isn't right....'


Down these dark, gloomy, damp corriders of the prison place where all the prionsers are being held. It doesn't have very clean air, the smell seems rotten as if the milk gone spoiled by few months.

'This....isn't much what I thught....' Naruto thought, looking at a wall with a giantic centimeter bug. His chillness ran down his spine as he clatter his teeth together for a couple of moments. His wrists feels sore from the rope that's been tied to htem almost all morning.

The ANBU gaurds tugged him into his assigned cell where he stays until the day of his sentence. Naruto walked in the bare cold room with only one bunk hard bed, no windows, somehow the cell is very small and narrow. His wrists are untied, shut the cell door and locked it. Two ANBU gaurds told the other two to stay and gaurd the cell door in case as the 2 ANBU leaves. Naruto just blankly stares at the molded, cracked brick wall in front of him. Nothing is coming to mind.

"Eat." A prison gaurd worker told him as he slid his breakfast under the door towards him. The prison gaurd worker leaves with a large cart full of breakfasts for all the prisoners in this place. Naruto didn't even budged to move or eat the breakfast he was given. Instead, he heard a voice behind him, so familiar he hasn't heard in years.

"So you did attacked the village, eh, runt?" A man with a familiar vioce spoke to him from across the hall. Naruto quickly turned around, he shot his eyes wide a little.

"You....!" Naruto spoke up, he remembers that face, that vioce, that attitude, everything.

"So you remmeber me, eh, Kyuubi?" He spoke, taunting him.

"Mizuki....!" Naruto bared his red kyuubi etes and his little grown fangs as his whiskers darkened. Mizuki chuckled.

~To Be Continued...~

How was it so far? Yeahhhh, if you remember, Mizuki is the one who tried to get Naruto killed and even tried to kill Iruka from Naruto chapter 1/episode 1. Although Touji Mizuki reappears in this weird Naruto filler of him being the tiger, blah. Yes, him.

Well, hope you da like the next chapter! There still be some akatsuki going after Naruto for his beast, Mizuki will do something, the talk between Kakashi, Yamato, and Tsunade's talk will be uncovered sooner or later- but not in the next chapter, sorry.

Well so long!

Please R&R! Subscribe! Whatever you like to do! Aaaaand no flames, K? ^_^

Thanks. Itazuk.

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A Forgotten Hero...Villian
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