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 Black shuck dragon

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Kakashi Hatake

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PostSubject: Black shuck dragon   Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:28 pm

Current sprites:



egg: We have 2 designs

(needs to have less colours unfortunately)

(needs a transparent background open for anyone to make it trasnparent)


Egg: This egg gives off an ominous glow

hatchling 1:'s a cute baby dragon. Its glowing eyes disturb you.

hatchling 2's a cute baby dragon. Its glowing eyes disturb you. And look! its grown wings and has started to follow random strangers.

Adult: "Shuck dragons are walking omens, said to foretell severe misfortune to those who see them. Contrary to this frightening reputation, they have also been reported to accompany lone female travelers, protecting them from the dangers of the road at night. Their eyes have an unnatural glow, causing most people to avoid them."

-large glowing red eyes
-jet black body (as little light reflected as possible)
-blood red horns
and a spade tail to complete the image.



Kakashi Hatake

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Black shuck dragon
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