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 Priestess Genjo Sanzo

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Gender : Female
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Nicknames : Sanzo, Prestiss, prestiss Sanzo, Lady Sanzo, Lady Prestiss, Genjo, Lady Genjo, Prestiss Genjo Sanzo, or Monk.
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Favorite Naruto Movie? : Naruto shippuden
Favorite Naruto Music Songs Favorite Naruto Music Songs : Yura Yura, Fightnig dreamers and a couple others
Favorite Naruto Character(s) : Deidara, Sasuke, Itachi, Konkuro, Hidan, Haku, Kimimaro, Sai, Kiba, Neji, The Rest of the Akatsuki. and more just don't want to say.
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PostSubject: Priestess Genjo Sanzo   Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:19 am

General Ninja Information:

Name: Genjo Sanzo


Age: 20

Looks: A priestess who has blonde hair, and a Red and Black kumono with scriptures on her shoulders that hav spiritual powers.

Gender: Female

Personality: Sanzo is calm and can be upseted real easily. Sanzo is realy loud when she yells, but is nice when she's calm.

Hobbies: Drinking wine and staring at the clouds.

Dreams/Futures: To protect everyone she loves

Ninja Village and Rank Information:
Village: Stone

Ninja Rank: Akatsuki

Clan Information:
Clan name:

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodlines:

Clan History:

Inner and Jutsus Information:
Special Characteristics: Sanzo is usaly seen with scriptures on her shoulders and a bored look on her facew.

Element(s): Wind, Earth, Fire, lightning

Skills/Specialties: In weaponry, ninjutsu, genjutsu and puppet master jutsu


Name: Art of the gun

Rank: S

Type: Weaponry and ninjutsu

Element: Wind and Lightning

Description: When using this jutsu sanzo needs her legendary gun with high spiritual powers. This jutsu makes the bullets faster and stronger.

Personal/Other Information:
History/Background Story: When Sanzo was little her master, parents and friends were killed but she managed to find some peace by joning the akatsuki. Sanzo never wanted to do anything that would be bad to the ones she loved. She joined the akatsuki for only a couple reasons, the first is that she wanted to get her mind of her childhood. The second is that she wanted pay back. And finaly she wanted her powers to increase and she wanted to see how it feels to fight. All she realy wants are friends and people to care for her and to be free from that one and only thought.

Birthday: febuary 12

Blood Type: AB

Signature Abilities: un-said

Noble Features: Her voice and "killer" skill.

Height: 5ft 1in

Weight: 110pounds

RolePlay Sample: 'I'm thirsty! Hey, look theres a tavern.' Sanzo walks in and finds herself a seat. "A glass of your finest wine please!" sanzo said loudly. "comming right up!" said the waiter. "Thank you, for your service." sanzo said while bring the glass of wine to her mouth. "ya, your welcom" the waiter whisperd. "Hmm" Sanzo whisperd to her self. "What's with this place?" Sanzo then stands up carring the bottle in her right hand and putting the money on the table with her left. Sanzo left.
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Age : 23
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Job/Hobbies : Naruto and Snowboarding
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Your unluckiest number? : 4
Humor : Naruto and Snowboarding
Favorite manga? : Naruto, Bleach
Manga you reading? : Naruto, Bleach
Manga you have read : Naruto, Bleach
Favorite Anime? : Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
Anime you watching : Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
Anime series you have watched : Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
Favorite Naruto Movie? : Naruto Movie 1
Naruto Movie 2
Naruto Movie 3
Naruto Shippuuden Movie 1
Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2
Favorite Naruto Character(s) : Kakashi, Gaara, Sai, Zetsu, Tobi/Madara Uchiha, Danzo, Raikage, Mifune, Itachi,
Bloodlines : N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Priestess Genjo Sanzo   Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:02 pm


~I, Naruto Uzumaki, will protect the Leaf village at all costs
~Mudaime Hokage
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Priestess Genjo Sanzo
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