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 Magical List of Wonder!

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PostSubject: Magical List of Wonder!   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:52 pm

I don't know if people realise this, but I often get stuck in art. It's hard, doing every inch of a critter in funky square blocks. It's hard to remember every dip and curve. So I've collected a few of the highest quality, most useful tutorials I can find, and I'm sharing them with you.


  • No larger than 120 pixels on any side, 60-90 pixel is a very desirable size, but try not to go over 100, or under 60.
  • Filesize takes up more space than colourcount!
  • Never anti-aliase on these sprites, it's a requirement to keep the styles consistant, and also adds OODLES to your colourcount.
  • For that matter, try to keep in mind that stylistically, you should have distinct, tinted, solid outlines, too!
  • Be bold with your shades! If in doubt, squint and look around you, you'll be quite surprised at the depth of colour around you.
If you're just starting out, there are wonderful tutorials to introduce you to this fine art.

Like this here!
And here!
This one is also quite good...

((More coming soon!))
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Magical List of Wonder!
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