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 Promo Code Scavenger Hunt! [Guide]

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PostSubject: Promo Code Scavenger Hunt! [Guide]   Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:51 pm

Yes, yes! It is Hunting time for Promo Codes!!

What is it?: Promo Code Scavenger Hunt is that you look all around the Naruto Adoptables! petsite for Promo Codes! It can be on any page! Tsk tsk! The most repitive random showing-up Promo Code(s) be mostly found on these pages; Home, Clubhouse[Shoutbox], and World Map!

What are Promo Code(s)?: Promo Codes are that you enter a code in the box [Url link: ] and you can get secretive Adoptables that can not be found on main "Adopt" page or anywhere else! Although you have to know the code to get a certain adoptable!

How many Promo Code adoptables are there?: So far, there are 12 Promo Code adoptables! But, of course, there will be many new public and Promo Code adoptables!

Any tips or hints can you give us for Promo Code Scavnger Hunt?:
1. Remember, always look on the WHOLE page, the Promo Code(s) can be at the top, bottom, left, right, middle, anywhere on the page!
2. Look on the Shoutbox often! Sometimes the Promo Code(s) could be put there in one of the comments from Itazukzazuro or Kazujo!
3. Sometimes, Kazujo will shout where the current Promo Code is! In fact, kazujo is playing a fair game too. He doesn't want to cheat to just get the Promo Code adoptables just because he's an Admin! He can be impatient about getting the Promo Code adoptables.
4. Promo Code(s) can be hidden within a sentence of a page/post!
(Ex: Hey, today we're giving out HotChocolate!) You see what just happen there? "HotChocolate" is most possibly a Promo Code! Since it is not seperated like the way it should be! "Hot Chocolate".

When will the Promo Code Scavenger Hunt end?: It will always be there! Before and after the MQA (Missions/Quests/Adventures for Naruto Adoptables!) comes out. But, once MQA comes out-released; the Hunt won't be out very repitive as it was before.

How long does a Promo Code stay on the site to get another Promo Code?:

Minimum: 30 minutes
Maximum: 3 days (72 hours)

But, maybe one of these lucky times, there would be more than 1 Promo Code on the site at the same time! Even 3 Promo Codes at the same time, but those times can be uncommon - rare to find!

Happy PC Hunting!

S-Class Missing-Nin thats wishes to destroy the world.

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Promo Code Scavenger Hunt! [Guide]
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