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 Welcome to Naruto Adoptables!

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Zazuro Xanuzuro Uchiha
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PostSubject: Welcome to Naruto Adoptables!   Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:57 pm

Hello there to 'ya all! As if you had heard, there is a NARUTO virtual Adoptes site! Have you wished there has been a site with virtual Naruto Adoptables? Well, you have met your wish! Go To today!

Just fantastic, isn't it?!

Naruto Adoptables is very welcomed to you all who joins!

(Naruto Adoptables is in BETA session right now! Hurry up and join Naruto Adoptables if you want to be in the Beta tester and earn the Beta Naruto Adoptable that will NEVER come back!! The deadline for beta is unknown, yet!)

Rinnegan + Sharingan = Riringan

Werewolf Zazuro the 1st:

Black Wolf Zazuro:

Young ANBU Zazuro:
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Kazujo (Kotonashi Akuma)

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Favorite Anime? : Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, Bakugan, Bleach
Anime you watching : Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, Bakugan, Bleach
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Naruto Adoptables!   Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:39 pm

Some updates/news!:

Many new adoptables added and are now available to be adopted! Those include:

{{{Remember: These adoptables that start at level 0 are at their youngest age of their growth, beginning at Infant years to toddler years to kid years then to Part1(if the character was introduced in Part1 Naruto) to Shippuuden years. Some characters like few of the Promo Code adoptables doesn't go through "Growth" but by something called "Transformation". That is how a character grow into different levels.}}}

-Naruto Uzumaki
-Sasuke Uchiha
-Sakura Haruno
-Kakashi Hatake
-Itachi Uchiha
-[Hiruzen Sarutobi] Third Hokage
-Shikamaru Nara
-Chouji Amikichi
-Ino Yamanaka
-Kiba Inuzuka
-Hinata Hyuuga
-Shino Aburame {{Almost forgot about him. 0_0}}
-Rock Lee
-Neji Hyuuga

There are many Promo Code adoptables too! There are 11 Promo Code adoptables so far! They can be earned by growing your adoptables to a certain level! You can even unlock a Promo Code adoptable within a Promo Code adoptable! They can also be earned by doing Missions/Quests/Adventures which is coming soon.

SPECIAL!: Naruto Adoptables is in Beta session currently, so my friend(Kazujo) and I have decided to give few beta prizes(including Beta adoptables!) to all of those who have joined before the beta session ends. This doesn't mean we will give the Beta prize(s) to all who have joined along the way but on the day when it ends so it will be given out all at once!

Added: The Naruto World Map

What's Coming Soon?!:
Naruto cannon and custom missions, quests, adventures!
Also, exploring villages(this includes Konoha, Sand Village, Cloud Village, Mist Village, and many other villages!) like a Tour!
Anddddd of course! Many more new available adoptables and Promo Code adoptables!
Seasonal Adoptables: This means these adoptables will be only coming few times on the site, not all year long adoptables, so once they come out- they won't stay for long until the next time they coe out! even if it means 2 times in a long time!

Join today to become a Beta Tester member! You can earn the beta prize(s) before beta session ends!

S-Class Missing-Nin thats wishes to destroy the world.

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:Busy Outfit
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Welcome to Naruto Adoptables!
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