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PostSubject: Pain   Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:02 pm

Name: Pain (Nagato)

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 363
First Anime Appearance: Episode NA
Hidden Village: Rain Village (Missing-nin)
Rank: Unknown
Squad: Akatsuki, Partner-Konan
Notable Features: Can split spirit among multiple bodies and share vision between them.
Special Abilities: Rinnegan

(Pre-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: ?
Genjutsu: ?
Taijutsu: ?
Intelligence: ?
Power: ?
Speed: ?
Stamina: ?
Seal Knowledge: ?

Pain was a Hidden Rain missing-nin who was rumored to come from the Fuuma clan, note this is a different clan than the one located in the Rice Field Country. Pain was once a young Rain orphan named Nagato. During his youth in the war torn Rain Country, he met fellow orphans Konan and Yahiko. Nagato was a quite child who admired Yahiko's desire to improve their living conditions and bring some justice to the world. Nagato and his companions met the Sannin following the war with the Rain Village. Jiraiya took a liking to the children and stayed behind to look after them. Jiraiya was surprised to learn that the emotional and quite Nagato was a wielder of the Rinnegan, the venerated Doujutsu once possessed by Rikudou Sennin, the man regarded as the original modern shinobi.

Nagato and Yahiko were accosted by a vagrant Rock Ninja, and Yahiko moved to defend them. He was defeated and Nagato went into a berserk rage, quickly killing the ninja. Nagato was shocked when he finally regained control and Jiraiya promised to train the orphans so they could defend themselves. Nagato had trouble dealing with the way he reacted to the Rock ninja and Jiraiya explained that he shouldn't feel ashamed, as he was defending his friend. And that knowing what it feels like to be hurt is the reason why humans are kind to others. Nagato wondered how he could become like that and Jiraiya explained it just came with age. Nagato then promised to keep his friends safe, no matter what pain he had to experience. Three years passed and the trio were soon skilled enough to defeat one of Jiraiya's Kage Bunshin. He explained his time with them had ended and that hard times would still be ahead for them. But by working together they could change things, as they had finally grown up.

Over the following years the trio entered many battles and rumors emerged that they may have died. Nagato continued to develop his skills and his Doujutsu and took on the name of "Pain". As Pain, Nagato began to gather other disenfranchised Rain shinobi and start a civil war with Hidden Rain. This apparently was a plan in line with Yahiko's expressed goals. Though Rain was led by legendary ninja Sanshouuo no Hanzou, Pain managed to kill Hanzou. He did not stop with merely Hanzou though, for he killed Hanzou's family, friends and associates; essentially taking down Hidden Rain all by himself. And though Pain had followers, they never saw Pain personally. His abilities, appearance and heartless nature thus fueled rumors about his identity. This also caused his followers to revere him as a god. In this position he operated out of the tallest tower in the Rain Country industrial city. In this tower he also maintained a secret room containing six mysterious beds, five of which held figures in Akatsuki cloaks.

Some years before Pain also became a part of the Akatsuki organization. Konan joined as well, and was one of the few living persons aware of Pain's past. In this position she had seen him fight many battles and believed that he had never once lost in battle. She and his followers were also aware of his ability to control the rain which fell around their location. This he apparently did on schedule, so when rain fell on other days, his followers knew something was on his mind. This rain also had the ability to detect the chakra of opponents and allow Pain himself to feel their presence.

During the Akatsuki meetings, Pain was adamant that the group could fulfill their desires if they possessed the bijuu. In his position as leader, he was shown to use a Shouten technique, which allowed the group members to take over the sacrificed body of another in exchange for some measure of their chakra. He also was responsible for summoning the huge King of Hell statue which holds the spirits of bijuu withdrawn from Jinchuuriki.

Pain has stated the group's ultimate goal is to control the world, but this may actually be a smokescreen, as Pain has been seen to report to Tobi in secret. Tobi directed Pain to capture Naruto personally in his role as leader, which apparently drew out an emotional response from Pain in the form of rain.

The following topic should be used to discuss your thoughts on this individual. You may discuss his strengths and weaknesses, his personality and abilities and his latest missions in the field.

Rinnegan + Sharingan = Riringan

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