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 Yakushi Kabuto

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PostSubject: Yakushi Kabuto   Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:44 pm

Name: Yakushi Kabuto

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 39
First Anime Appearance: Episode 23
Name Meaning: Yakushi=Short for Buddhist Healing God, Kabuto="Helmet"
Hidden Village: Sound Village
Rank: Genin Officially (Jounin Skill)
Age: 22
Notable Features: Medical ninja, Orochimaru's right hand man
Special Abilities: Inyu Shoumetsu, Nehan Shouja, Shikon, Shousen

(Pre-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: 8
Genjutsu: 9
Taijutsu: 5
Intelligence: 10
Power: 6
Speed: 7
Stamina: 6
Seal Knowledge:10

(Post-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: 9
Genjutsu: 9
Taijutsu: 7
Intelligence: 10
Power: 6
Speed: 7
Stamina: 6
Seal Knowledge: 10

Yakushi Kabuto loyalties are at the heart of his character. When he first appears in the series he played the part of the trusting experienced confidant. He was then revealed as a spy for Orochimaru, and is his right hand man. Acting as Orochimaru’s spy, Kabuto entered the Chuunin exam seven times, gathering information that would be useful for the Sound village. Each time that he had reached the final rounds, he had opted to drop out, so he could compete again, and gather more data for his master. He was on a Genin team with Akadou Yoroi, and Tsurugi Misumi, who were also spies for Orochimaru.

Years ago a battle took place at Bell Flower (Kikyou) Pass between Leaf and some unknown persons. In the aftermath a young child of the enemy was found by a Leaf Jounin medical doctor. The doctor adopted the boy and raised him as a son, teaching him medical jutsu. This boy would grow and have an unremarkable career, graduating from the academy at the age of 10 after taking the finals three times and taking on many low-ranking missions.

Before the first test of his latest Chuunin exams, Kabuto interacts with the Rookie Nine. He somewhat gains the trust of Team 7 and even shows them his information cards about various ninja. When the teams enter the Forest of Death for part 2 of the exams, Kabuto shows up after a near fatal encounter between Team 7 and three Sound ninja. Kabuto and Team 7 are confronted by Rain Ninja, who use Genjutsu to try and tire out in order to pilfer the scrolls from the team. In this sequence, Kabuto’s glasses are knocked off, showing his eyes, which took a deep hue of red bloodshot. This combined with Kabuto’s “old blood” comments has led many viewers to speculate he may be harboring some secret ability, although none have been revealed to date.

Kabuto, like in previous years chose to refrain from entering the combat rounds of the Chuunin exams. Though his teammates entered, Kabuto chose to withdraw much to the surprise of Team 7. Kabuto stated he was wiped out from their battle with the Rain ninja and from his earlier run in with the Sound Genin. After the prelims were over, he met Orochimaru. The two were discussed Orochimaru’s target, Sasuke, and a ploy to kidnap him. Orochimaru implanted the idea and told Kabuto the only way to foil him would be to kill Sasuke which Kabuto appeared to consider. Kabuto would proceed to the hospital, killing the ANBU guarding Sasuke, and also apparently seriously considering killing Sasuke himself, if not for Kakashi’s interference. Kakashi would chastize Kabuto for his arrogance, but he would be in for a surpise. As he moved to take out Kabuto, the young man fell dead, while one of the ANBU corpses rose to flee. One of Kakashi's clones would stop him, only to see the other ANBU corpse jump through the window to escape, revealing himself to be the real Kabuto in disguise. His medical skills and trickery impressed even Kakashi.

Kabuto would surface again, killing another ANBU before the start of the finals in the Chuunin exams. In this disguise he would make his way into the arena. There he healed an injured Hinata after she collapsed during the Neji-Naruto fight, leading viewers to once again question his motives. Later on, during the Gaara-Sasuke battle, Kabuto activated Nehan Shouja no Jutsu, knocking many people in the stadium unconscious, and signaling the beginning of the Sand and Sound Invasion.

After the failed invasion, Kabuto and Orochimaru sought out Tsunade, who Orochimaru hoped could fix his injured arms from his battle with Sandaime Hokage. During the fallout of this arc, Tsunade had refused to help Orochimaru. Tsunade with the help Naruto, Jiraiya and Shizune, the four ninja did battle with Kabuto and Orochimaru. Kabuto exposed Tsunade’s hemophobia spraying blood onto her, hindering her performance in battle. Though he fared well in the battle, Naruto’s newly formed move, the Rasengan, caused him great damage at the end of the fight. If not for his medical expertise, Kabuto may have sustained fatal injuries. With the tide of the battle turning, Kabuto and Orochimaru retreated to their lair once more.

Several years later Konoha received word that Akatsuki member Sasori had a spy in Orochimaru’s confidence. This spy was revealed as Kabuto, who had been ordered to gather information on Orochimaru's Tensei Kinjutsu. Posing as Sasori the Leaf ninja went to meet Kabuto. He soon revealed that his true allegiance was with Orochimaru, and that the meeting was a ruse for an assassination attempt on Sasori. It is also revealed that Orochimaru had removed a memory block put on him by Sasori years ago and that Kabuto came around to Orochimaru's thinking. In his new position he could help Orochimaru with his excellent medical skills and allow his master to make better use of their test subjects.

Orochimaru would eventually square off with the newly formed Team 7, with Yamato and Sai instead of Kakashi and Sasuke. Orochimaru would fend off Kyuubi-Naruto, however in the battle, Sakura is badly burned by the Kyuubi chakra after trying to calm Naruto down. Kabuto was bound by Yamato but he chose to heal her anyway. Leading viewers once again to wonder where his loyalties lay and what his true motivations are.

Kabuto would then help Orochimaru, Sai and himself escape to their hidden lair. Kabuto was captured by Sai and bound in wood by Yamato. He soon escaped and retreated with Orochimaru and Sasuke to yet again.

Discuss about Yakushi Kabuto here.

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Yakushi Kabuto
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