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PostSubject: Orochimaru   Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:11 pm

Name: Orochimaru

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 46
First Anime Appearance: Episode 27
Name Meaning: Orochimaru=Villain in mythical Jiraiya tale, Orochi=Large Serpent, Maru=Male Name
Hidden Village: Sound Village
Rank: Unknown (Probably Jounin Officially)
Age: 53
Notable Features: One of the Legendary Three Ninjas, Former sensei of Anko, Summons snakes, Ex member of Akatsuki, Changes bodies to extend his life
Special Abilities: Snake summoning, Edo Tensei, Fushi Tensei

(Post-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: 10
Genjutsu: 10
Taijutsu: 7
Intelligence: 10
Power: 7
Speed: 9
Stamina: 7
Seal Knowledge: 10

The young man known as Orochimaru was selected to study as a Genin under Sandaime Hokage. A quiet and focused young man, he impressed his teacher and grew more and more skilled as the years passed.

Over time Orochimaru became obsessed with learning every possible jutsu and extending his own life. Sandaime Hokage had hoped Orochimaru would become the next Hokage but Orochimaru began to grow reclusive and cynical with life in the village. Sandaime thus chose another man to follow in his footsteps. Around this time Orochimaru began his murderous experiments. He dedicated himself to bizarre experimentation. When Sandaime Hokage found out, Orochimaru fled. Jiraiya had a hard time believing the revelation and he took off after his friend, determined to get him to return. They battled and Orochimaru prevailed.

Soon after he joined the mysterious Akatsuki, a group of missing-nins whose goal was to travel the world gathering jutsu and eventually gain possession of the bijuu. Orochimaru would eventually leave the group after several years. It was during this period when Uchiha Itachi joined. It is not entirely clear if Orochimaru left Organization purely because of his feelings toward Itachi or some other disagreement with the group. Though he left, he would carry one memento from his time with them. A jar in his compound would hold his original body's hand with his Akatsuki identification ring.

His hatred of Sandaime Hokage and his village would continue in the years to come. It would help drive him to invade Leaf and cause its destruction. Orochimaru would return to Leaf during the Chuunin Exam to determine if Uchiha Sasuke would be a worthy vessel to hold his spirit. Orochimaru had perfected the body switch and wanted a powerful body with the Sharingan ability to help him learn all the jutsu of the world.

Though he faced his former sensei in battle, he never did get the upper hand. Orochimaru was forced to retreat after the Third Hokage removed his ability to use jutsu techniques. He fled Konoha once again and returned to his compound battered and angrier than ever before. Orochimaru recognized his options were limited, so he sought out his fellow teammate and Sannin Tsunade.

A skilled medical ninja, Tsunade carefully weighed Orochimaru's offer to heal him in exchange for the resurrection of his dead brother and boyfriend. She eventually rebuffed his manipulation and he again retreated to his secluded hideout. With his body nearing its end Orochimaru was forced to play his final card and switch bodies. He would no longer be able to take over Uchiha Sasuke until his three year session in his new host body played itself out. While he began to adjust to the new body, he waited patiently for the arrival of Uchiha Sasuke. When Sasuke finally arrived at Orochimaru's compound, Orochimaru began to teach the young man many of the jutsu his knew. All with the purpose of dragging out the months to make the body primed for his arrival.

After several years Orochimaru and his confidant Kabuto decided it was time to settle an old score with Akatsuki. Kabuto had been placed with Orochimaru as a spy by Sasori, Orochimaru's old Akatsuki partner. Orochimaru knew this early on and removed Sasori's jutsu on Kabuto. When Sasori arranged to meet Kabuto once again, Orochimaru and Kabuto planned to take him out. They were surprised by Team Kakashi instead. Orochimaru would once again face Naruto and be forced to change his plans once again...

Discuss about Orochimaru here

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