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PostSubject: Zetsu   Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:44 pm

Name: Zetsu

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 234
First Anime Appearance: Episode 134
Hidden Village: Grass Village (Missing-nin)
Rank: Unknown
Squad: Akatsuki
Notable Features: Strange fly-trap-like extensions which cover his upper body, His main torso is split into light and dark halves

(Pre-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: ?
Genjutsu: ?
Taijutsu: ?
Intelligence: ?
Power: ?
Speed: ?
Stamina: ?
Seal Knowledge: ?

When Naruto fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Zetsu spied on the proceedings. When Kakashi came to retrieve Naruto, he emerged from the ground and watched them return to Konoha. Several years later he watched over Gai and his team who were going to meet up with Kakashi in their search for Akatsuki. Zetsu appears to extend a sixth-type sense from his body to the area around him, rather than by relying on his eyesight alone. Also his different halves seem to have different personalities, with the black side speaking in a strange, unusual manner. He was also commanded at one time to eat the bodies of Sasori's dead subordinates.

Zetsu later appeared in the destroyed former cave base of the group with new recruit Tobi. One of Zetsu's sides favored Tobi and thought of him as a good young man. When Tobi found Sasori's ring, Zetsu debated whether the young man was worthy to replace the former member. He and Tobi then traveled to locate Deidara. Tobi managed to find Deidara's arm. Deidara himself soon arrived to take back his lost limb. Later when Hidan and Kakuzu captured the Nibi Jinchuuriki Nii Yugito, Zetsu arrived to take on the duty of returning her body to their base of operations.

Discuss about Zetsu here

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