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PostSubject: Hidan   Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:41 pm

Name: Hidan

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 312
First Anime Appearance: Episode NA
Name Meaning: Hi=fly, skip pages, scatter or Shougi Rook, dan=grade, steps or stairs
Hidden Village: Hot Springs Village (Missing-nin)
Rank: Unknown
Squad: Akatsuki, Partner-Kakuzu
Notable Features: Jashin follower, Apparently immortal, Wields large three-blade scythe
Notable Quotes: "Like I said, no need to tell me that Kakuzu!"
Special Abilities: Immortality, Damage to self inflicted on attacker through Jashin ritual

(Post-timeskip 10 Point Scale)
Ninjutsu: 10
Taijutsu: 9
Genjutsu: 6
Intelligence: 6
Power: 8
Speed: 7
Stamina: 10
Seal Knowledge: 7

Akatsuki member Hidan partners with Kakuzu. Hidan is from Hot Springs Village. He practices a very bloody and ritualistic version of Buddhist principles called Jashin. It requires him to kill his opponents outright and perform twisted and long rituals upon victory.

Hidan and Kakuzu were in charge of capturing the two-tailed cat bijuu Jinchuuriki. This kunoichi named Nii Yugito from Hidden Cloud was highly skilled and not easily captured by the pair. Hidan managed to defeat her and nailed her to a wall in preparation for his rituals. After the battle Zetsu took their prize and the duo traveled to the Fire Country. Their target was a Jinchuuriki but Kakuzu had them take a side journey to capture a bounty. The two men invaded the Fire Country temple, killing many of its monks including Chiriku, a former Twelve Guardian.

With their bounty in hand they traveled to a nearby bounty station. Unfortunately one of the monks survived and fled to Konoha to bring word of the massacre. Squads were dispatched and a team of Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo and Kotetsu tracked the duo down. Asuma and Hidan began to do battle and Hidan told his partner to stay out of the fight.

Hidan managed to dodge and avoid most of Asuma strikes, all the while starting his Jashin ritual. With the ritual begun, his body turned dark and a skeletal outline appeared on his skin. Using some of Asuma's blood he managed to connect his pain and damage back to Asuma. When Asuma unleashed a fire element attack upon Hidan, the damage was also felt back on himself. As Hidan reveled in the pain the Konoha ninja began to freak at the strange foe before them. Shikamaru managed to catch Hidan with his shadow and withdraw him from his ritualistic symbol. This gave Asuma the opening to hurt Hidan without it damaging him as well. Charging with his Flying Swallow technique, he cut off Hidan's head, sending it flying.

To Konoha's surprise the head cursed at them and Kakuzu finally stepped in after Hidan relented to needing help. Showing his immortality, Hidan's head was sewn back on by Kakuzu. The insane man then stepped back into the Jashin symbol and stabbed himself through his chest, critically wounding Asuma in turn. When Izumo and Kotetsu tried to assist, Kakuzu stepped in and showed he was no slouch. Things looked grim until reinforcements from Konoha arrived. Asuma was removed to safety and the Akatsuki members were forced to back peddle. They were set on finishing the fight but their leader contacted them, requiring them to return and assist in sealing the recently captured Sanbi demon in the King of Hell statue.

Discuss about Hidan here.

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