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 Kaede's Office

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Kaede Asuka

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PostSubject: Kaede's Office   Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:57 am

As she finished adjusting the stationary on her new desk, Kaede Asuka sighed deeply and surveyed the room. It was spacious and full of light, though sparsely decorated and a little...Kaede couldn't quite think of the word to describe it. She sat down and drummed her fingers on the desktop. Businesslike, that was it. It was all too serious and didn't yet feel welcoming. Ah well. thought Kaede, I can fix that later.

It had been only a week since the Shodaime Raikage had passed away after almost a month of medical attention and care. Kaede's position as temporary Kage had only been intended to last until he made a recovery. When first offered the job, she hadn't even understood what she had been asked. The words "...Raikage has passed..." Echoing in her head. She agreed to the proposition, but only later discovered that she'd 'signed-up', so to speak, to succeed as Raikage. Needless to say, it had come as a shock. There were surprisingly few objections to her appointment. Kaede had expected the old arguments to arise: could a Jinchuuriki be trusted? Could she control the beast? Though she never showed it, it angered the kunoichi greatly - it's wasn't like she chose to receive Nibi.

Shaking herself from thoughts and memories, the Raikage shuffled about on her seat until she was comfortable and picked up a scroll. "Time to sort these missions out then." She murmured quietly.

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Kaede's Office
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