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 Rules for Fanfiction section

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PostSubject: Rules for Fanfiction section   Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:16 pm

Here are some rules for the fanfiction section. Please obey these or risk having your fanfiction being trashed in the Trash Can or even worse, deleted.

1. If you are going to plagiarize (copy) someone else's work of their fanfiction, please give them credit and say that this fanfiction is not yours and give the source link directly to that story you found!

2. If you're posting fanfiction with sexual or violent themes please state so in your topic description. If your fanfiction story contains anything X-rated, PLEASE say so in your fanfic stories! It might be offened to some people who didn't know the warning because you never posted a warning. If there's going to have some swearing in your fanfic, it's okay to post in full words but please say that there will be swearing in your fanfic story.

3. Please SPELL properly and use correct grammar etc etc etc. Use a spell check before you post your story.

4. You may use any format for your stories like using AIM chat lines or whatever you like, it's up to your creativity.

5. No one wants to read a story that isn't well thought out and has a crappy plot. Before you post your story, brainstorm with a friend or ask someone knowledgable for advice in regards to your story. Plan well before writing and you'll find that the story makes for a better read and more people will enjoy it too.

6. If your fanfiction contains spoilers, please state so too. If there isn't enough space in the title, then do so in the first post. PLEASE state if there are spoilers in your fanfic story!

7. Just write freely of whatever you want. Add creativty there in your stories and enjoy.

If you have any more questions, PM me and I'll try my best to help you out. Break the rules, however, and you'll be in our black books.

If you can think of any other rules you want to add up here, please state to do so. Thanks.

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Rules for Fanfiction section
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