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 Stories about Danzou and Root

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PostSubject: Stories about Danzou and Root   Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:15 pm

This one was inspired by the stup~ I mean not so plausible theories in the manga section.

Oh and the disclamer: I do not own Naruto. No, really I don't.

The tale of Danzou's Sharingan.

"I want one too" - Danzou suddenly murmured to himself. He was wearing his usual attire. It seems like ninjas have two kinds of clothing: one for funerals and one for everything else. He was sitting on a throne-like chair in a room full of newspaper-clippings along the walls. The dim light of the old lamp, hanging from the middle of the ceiling, would have painted them yellow, if they weren't already. If one were to read them one would find that Danzou cared a lot about some guy called Sandaime. And the word "REVENGE" written occasionally on them with some sticky, brownish materal implied that he didn't wish the guy well.

"Danzou-sama?" There was another person in the room. He's been kneeling his left knee in the usual submissive position during the past hour. He couldn't hear what Danzou said so he took the opportunity to say something. Wearing a black robe and a kitty mask in the heat with his knee aching, he wasn't pleased. But he won't complain. The last guy who did..well, lets just say that Mrs Danzou got a new lamp-shell. It even has weird tattoos- I mean patterns on it. She seemed to like it.

"I want a Sharingan too!" - Danzou roared. Okay, the guy in black surely heard that. "That kid, White-fang's son, came back from his mission with a Sharingan for his right eye."

"You mean his left-eye, sir"

He didn't look up, but he could feel that he shouldn't have said that. Maybe he will become a paper-weight or something nice. But much to his delight, Danzou went on.

"Why haven't I thought of that?! Take the eye of a dead, or dying, Uchiha. That kid is brilliant!"

It may sound weird that this guy never actually thought about killing an Uchiha for his eyes before,, well I'm sure he had his reasons not to.

"You! Gurou! Get me the file of that mission! I want to know what exactly happened"

"Yes sir!" - Gurou said, perhaps a little too happily, just before he disappeared in a cloud of mist.

Gurou's home was a quiet little flat, some would say cell, in a block not far from the statues. It had a window facing the mountain, he could literally touch it so not much light was coming in, a bamboo cupboard with all his ninja-gear and a bed of nails (a present from Danzou-sama). A thin, dirty-white curtain covered what Gurou called the bathroom. The quiet of the room was soon destroyed by the sudden appearance of its owner. He was still kneeling as the mist faded away.

"Okay, at three" - he sighed.

"One, two, threeeeeeeeaaaaargh!" - the counting turned into wailing as he stood up. his bones were cracking like fireworks. He finally took of his robe and mask. Black, spiky hair; the regular ninja uniform with the chuunin-west, he looked like anyone else except for the constant frown that somehow at one point just stuck on his face and refused to leave, save for the few occasions of fake smiles and..well fake everything else.

"Let's get this over with." - Gurou sighed closing the door behind him.

The war was over. Everyone was euphoric, which seems to be common among the victors after a war, so it wasn't that hard to sneak in the office of the Hokage. Sandaime wasn't even in the village so Gurou was not afraid of getting disturbed. Finding the file, however proved to be difficult. Ninjas are bad bureaucrats. It was filed under G, for Great success perhaps. Anyway, he was done. He memorised the file and left to report everything to his master. He planned to get drunk that night. A lot of the Root members were heavy-drinkers for some reason.

Three days have passed since Gurou left the Hokage's office. Now he, Danzou and a medical-nin called Boke from Root have finally reached the place where Obito's body supposedly rested. It was quite convenient that Minato gave the exact coordinates of the place. That guy sure was thorough in his reports. Danzou found out that there was no body in Obito's grave, or to be more precise Gurou found out after some digging, that there wasn't a body in the grave. It's been two weeks since the kid died. The eye he still had won't be in top condition. Boke tried to tell that to Danzou.. well at least he can heal his face when they get back.

"Gurou, Boke! Start digging!"

Boke will never get back to Konoha. Poor guy. Gurou promised himself to drink one for him once they get back with Danzou. The eye, as expected, wasn't working well. It was moving around on its own like some chameleon's and the skin around it seemed to began rotting as well.

"Damnit! That degenerate! This hurts like hell and I can't even see a thing with it! Gurou, how do I look?"

"It looks fine Danzou-sama. I'm sure that it will get better eventually."

"I sure hope so! I will send for Orochimaru, he will surely help!"

Danzou kept on ranting and cursing during the way home but Gurou wasn't really paying attention. For the first time in years, he had a genuine smile on behind his mask.
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Stories about Danzou and Root
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