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 Uzumaki Naruto

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Uzumaki Naruto

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Naruto   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:00 pm

General Ninja Information:

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Alias: None

Age: 16

Looks: My avatar

Gender: Male

Personality: Loves Ramen, likes to go on first and very talkative. His personalities are just like his mother's-Uzumaki Kushina.

Hobbies: Eat Ramen, train everyday to surpass and become hokage someday.

1st Dream/Future: To surpass all previous hokages and become a hokage someday, refuse to die even during serious deadly times.
2nd Dream/Future: To bring back sasuke back home to konoha with his power and his will along with his friends.

Ninja Village and Rank Information:
Village: Leaf

Ninja Rank: Genin

Clan Information:
Clan name: Uzumaki

Clan Symbol:

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodlines: Unknown

Clan History: Very little is known about the Uzumaki Clan. Uzumaki Kushina was from the Whirlpool country.

Inner and Jutsus Information:
Special Characteristics: Bijuu Chakra - Red chakra - Kyuubi - 9 tails fox

Element(s): Wind

Skills/Specialties: Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and Senjutsu

Jutsu: Bunshin Kaiten Kakatou Otoshi, Bunshin Taiatari, Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken, Harem Technique, Kage Bunshin, Naruto Rendan, Oiroke, Rasengan, Fuuton: Rasengan, Sennen Goroshi, Sennin Mode, Tajuu Kage Bunshin, Toad Kuchiyose

Personal/Other Information:
History/Background Story: Uzumaki Naruto was born twelve years before the series start to Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. Naruto was named after the lead character in one of Jiraiya's lesser known semi-biographical works, while Jiraiya himself got the name while eating ramen. Minato felt the main character's drive and determination made excellent qualities and he hoped to raise his son to be a shinobi like the "Naruto" character. Kushina agreed that the name would fit their son nicely. They then agreed that Jiraiya should be Naruto's godfather, as he was the finest shinobi they knew.

Jiraiya was embarassed but accepted the honor, a role he would finally fullfil later in life. A short time later within moments of having his umbilical cord cut, Naruto was made the vessel for the Kyuubi fox demon attacking Konoha. The Fourth Hokage was able to finally end its destruction when he used the Shiki Fuujin technique to seal the demon's yin chakra away and leave the yang within the body of his newborn son Naruto. Minato lost his life, but he made sure that the Kyuubi would help Naruto while sealed away. Jiraiya would later surmise Minato knew precisely what he was doing, putting such a burden on his new son. Minato would leave a "key" to Naruto's seal with Jiraiya and the toads, to allow Naruto to manipulate the seal holding the Kyuubi, potentially to utilize an unknown incomplete and powerful jutsu. Naruto would know neither of his parents, as Kushina was unable to raise her son for some unknown reason.

The imbuing of the Kyuubi made Naruto a "Jinchuuriki," a person with a tailed demon sealed within his body. As a side effect, Naruto would gain "whisker" marks on his cheeks. The hope of Jinchuuriki creation is for the human and the tailed beast to resonate together, thereby granting the human some measure of the demon's immense power. There were nine demons in total, known by their number of tails. Naruto got the nine-tailed and most powerful of the demons. The seals the Fourth used would ensure the Kyuubi would lend some of its power to Naruto. The seals would allow the Kyuubi chakra to leak back into Naruto's own chakra. This allows Naruto to draw on the chakra of the Kyuubi and still keep the Kyuubi itself imprisoned. The biggest benefits are the way it grants Naruto some measure of the Kyuubi's immense chakra and heals most any wounds he receives.

Naruto's father hoped the village would look on Naruto as a hero for containing the Kyuubi demon. Unfortunately quite the opposite happened; as Naruto grew the village began to see Naruto as the demon itself. The adults who knew the real story of the Kyuubi looked down on Naruto, and their feelings were passed down to their children who didn't even know he was the Kyuubi vessel. This resulted in Naruto living a lonely life as he was often shunned when seen in public. Because his parents were no longer present, he was an orphan who was raised by the village itself, under the direction of the Third Hokage who resumed his position after the Fourth died in battle. When Naruto was old enough he was given money for living and an apartment to live in. He was also enrolled in the Konoha Ninja Academy. It is unknown at what age he entered the Academy, but he attempted the graduation exam several times before those of his same age group.

Birthday: October 10th

Blood Type: B

Signature Abilities: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Oiroke no Jutsu, Rasengan

Noble Features: Has crush on Haruno Sakura, Loves ramen, Container for the Kyuubi demon

Height: 166.0 cm

Weight: 50.9 kg

RolePlay Sample: (From the storyline when Naruto finally mets sasuke in time-skip)
Uzumaki Naruto ran at his top speed through the tunnel of the Orochimaru's hideout at the Grass Village. he ran with all his might until he reached the light, the dead end of where Sai and Sakura is standing. Naruto stopped and turned around and grits his teeth and tries to see sasuke but barely see from the sun in his eyes. Then he finally is able to see sasuke when he looked at him closely.
Naruto: Sasuke...

(Hope this is enough. =^^=)
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Akatsuki Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:10 pm

Uhm, i am not sure if there can be 2 Narutos RP at the same time...and having two kyuubi hosts? ...
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:43 pm

Yes. He can RolePlay as Uzumaki Naruto. there will be limit of people RPing as same characters at the same time...

Approved! you can RolePlay now and everything.

~I, Naruto Uzumaki, will protect the Leaf village at all costs
~Mudaime Hokage
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   

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Uzumaki Naruto
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