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Kaede Asuka

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PostSubject: Back, FINALLY!   Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:47 am

Hey all,

*looks meekly at eveyone* Sorry for my absence. My motherboard broke on my laptop. I sent it in for repair no fewer than FOUR times before the company agreed to cough up and replace the motherboard itself. So I've had no computer access at all for quite a while, which is why I've not been here. I'm back now as you can see.



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Favorite Number? : 9
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Favorite manga? : Naruto and Bleach
Manga you reading? : Naruto and Bleach
Manga you have read : I got bored with One Peice. Dragonball and DBZ
Favorite Anime? : Naruto and Bleach
Anime you watching : Naruto and Bleach
Anime series you have watched : I got bored with Poke'mon and same with One Peice.
Favorite Naruto Movie? : Tobi likes them all!!!
Favorite Naruto Music Songs Favorite Naruto Music Songs : I love 'em all!
Favorite Naruto Character(s) : Tobi, Diedara, and Zetsu. Now naruto, Karui, omoi, Samui, any funny character and danzo (Not with his sharingan!)
Favorite Naruto Quotes : Uhm, IDK? I guess this one:

Tobi: Tobi's a good boy!
Tobi: Whoops.
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5000/5000  (5000/5000)
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PostSubject: Re: Back, FINALLY!   Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:11 pm

Eh, Kaede san is back!! Hoorays for Raikage! Very Happy

Welcome back!
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