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 Shino Aburame

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Shino Aburame

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PostSubject: Shino Aburame   Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:06 pm

General Ninja Information:

Name: Shino Aburame

Alias: ---

Age: 19

Looks: My avatar

Gender: Male

Personality: Always silent, doesn't play as other do. Always wears a hood jacket over him and a pair of dark shades glasses

Hobbies: Collecting Parasite bugs

Dreams/Futures: To surpass his parents be his clan to be the greatest and bestest bug clan.

Ninja Village and Rank Information:
Village: Hidden Leaf Village

Ninja Rank: Chuunin

Clan Information:
Clan Name: Aburame

Clan Symbol: Not known.

Kekkei Genkai/Bloodlines: control of bugs

Clan History: Not known much.

Inner and Jutsus Information:
Special Characteristics: To control and get senses from bugs

Element(s): Wind and Lightning

Skills/Specialties: Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu

Jutsu: ALL Shino Aburame's jutsus

Personal/Other Information:
History/Background Story: Aburame Shino is one of the series’ more mysterious characters. At birth, he entered into a symbiotic relationship with a breed of insect know as the “Kikaichu” or Destruction Bug, as all his clan did. In exchange for feeding on his chakra, the bugs serve multiple purposes for their host. Shino’s clothing covers much of his face, opting for circular black sunglasses to cover his eyes and a high-necked jacket to conceal his lower face. Later, his jacket includes a hood which covers even more of himself and even Naruto has difficulty recognizing him.
Shino was assigned along with Hyuuga Hinata and Inuzaka Kiba to the tutelage of Yuuhi Kurenai. Even to his own team, he remained much of an enigma. His true abilities were first seen in the Chuunin Exam when he faced Zaku. A hole opened up in Shino’s face and to the disgust of most watching, hordes of bugs began to crawl all over his skin. Shino revealed to his opponent that the bugs would eat his chakra, rendering him too weak to move. Trapping Zaku between himself and his army, Shino demanded surrender. When Zaku threatened to attack both of them simultaneously, Shino revealed that he had a hidden surprise, sending his bugs inside Zaku’s weapon to jam it. Because Zaku’s weapons were integrated into his physical arms, they were damaged beyond repair. Shino explains that having a “trump card” or “ace in the hole” is vital in battle.
Because of his victory, Shino advanced to the finals of the exam, slated to face Kankurou. However, when their match was to take place, Kankurou instantly gave in. The reason, it was later revealed, was to prevent anyone seeing his hidden techniques with his puppet, Karasu. Gaara’s instability then caused the premature plan of the combined Sand and Sound invasion. Shino watched as Kankurou and his siblings retreated to help Gaara, following them in secret. As Kankurou prepared to take on Sasuke to slow him down, Shino stepped in and demanded the match he had been deprived of.
Demonstrating some of the Destruction Bugs’ more unusual abilities, Shino used them to make a decoy of himself, while moving close to Kankurou to strike at him. While Shino’s hand-to-hand skills were none too impressive, he had deliberately made a feint to plant a female bug on Kankurou, giving the rest of his bugs a permanent target to chase after. Despite Kankurou managing to catch Shino with a poison gas bomb, Shino forced the stalemate as his bugs tracked Kankurou down and left him paralyzed after eating all his chakra. Shino’s father later appeared and saved his life, injecting him with his own bugs that ate away the poison. Later, Shino would be absent from the mission to rescue Sasuke, on a mission with his father. Over the next few years Shino would again take the Chuunin Exam and finally be promoted to Chuunin.

Birthday: Janurary 23rd

Blood Type: AB

Signature Abilities: Kikaichuu no Jutsu

Notable Features: Quiet demeanor, Always respecting of insect life.

Height: 175.1 cm

Weight: 56.6 kg
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PostSubject: Re: Shino Aburame   Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:09 pm


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Shino Aburame
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